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Title: UnknownAin't No Sunshine
Artist: UnknownBill Withers
Album: Unknown
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Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine

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Good Vibes HERE

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Poly Group!


I need more poly people in my life. I want more poly people in my life.

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You Promised me you would never leave and you did

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Anonymous asked:"like they died left or just like a break up or something? either way why not just try figuring out a way to let out your feelings like a journal, maybe? obviously whoever it was if they left you they weren't meant for you and you'll soon find someone who is, your better half one who would never dream about leaving you. go find that person, cause they're looking for someone just like you <3 so please be happy and show that awesome smile :) please?"

It’s easy for someone that is not alone to say Stop caring about the one you loved the most but this is my journal this is my outlet…

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